So what is yoga, exactly?

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what is yoga


So what is yoga, exactly? Yoga is a term that is derived from the Sankrit word yuj, meaning to integrate or unite. Yoga is a 5,000 year old practice which focuses on harmonizing your body with the breath and mind through various breathing techniques, postures or asanas, and meditation.

What is yoga – The Benefits of Yoga

The goal of yoga is to create awareness, strength and harmony in your body and mind. You can reduce chronic pain like arthritis, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches with the relaxation techniques of yoga. Plus, you’ll enjoy increased muscle tone and strength, increased flexibility, weight reduction, improved energy, respiration and vitality, maintain a metabolism that is balanced, increase your circulatory and cardio healthy, protect yourself from injuries, and see improved athletic performance. What is yoga?

There are also plenty of mental benefits to yoga, including helping you to manage stress. Stress can have devastating effects on your body and your mind, and yoga can be very good with coping with stress and helping you to have a more positive outlook on life. Yoga’s breathing and meditation can also improve your overall mental well-being. It can relax your mind, sharpen your concentration and center your attention. what is yoga let’s get into beginners yoga.

What is yoga – Beginners Yoga

Now that you understand what yoga is and some of its benefits, getting started will not take much. You basically just need your mind, body and some curiosity. It is also helpful to have some yoga shorts or leggings, a yoga mat and a t-shirt which is not very baggy. You do not need any special footgear, since you do not need any footgear at all – yoga is practiced in bare feet! You’ll also find it nice to have a towel with you during your sessions of beginners yoga.

Yoga Meditation

Yoga Meditation is the science and art of systematically accepting, observing, training and understanding all the levels of our being, so that we might integrate and coordinate these aspects of ourselves, plus directly experience our center of consciousness. It is not a separate aspect of Yoga, since Yoga itself is meditation. Yoga is a total process, only part of which is the physical postures that have become so popular. Yoga Mediation works systematically with your body, sense, breath and the various levels of your mind. It then goes beyond this to the center of consciousness. It is also not a religion, but some of the principles are found within various religions. What is Yoga?

Yoga for Women

From teens to becoming a mother, then menopause and old age, women go through several phases of life with a lot of bodily changes. The breathing techniques and physical postures in yoga can give women a lot of potential health benefits. There are a few poses of yoga that women can practice so that they can remain flexible and fit all the time. It is recommended to include a twist pose, a balance post, a back bend, a forward/inversion pose and a side bend.

l A good back bend pose is the camel pose. It is great for strengthening your pine, toning thighs and opening the chest.

l For a side bend, the triangle pose can help to tone up your waist, make your hamstrings more flexible and lower tension in your shoulders.

l Balance is essential for better health, and a one leg balance pose will help prevent falls, improve your core and lower body strength plus improve sporting performance.

l A perfect twist pose is the sitting spinal twist. This pose is perfect for taking away any tension in your muscles on both sides of the spine, plus is a good detox pose because it boosts blood circulation and helps your lymphatic system to remove toxins.

l Of course, the downward facing dog is a great forward bend/inversion pose. It is one of the most common yoga poses and will help you to quickly release tight hamstrings, back and calves. Check out our free ebook what is yoga


what is yoga


What is Yoga -Picking the Right Online Yoga Program

Okay so you have the basics down on what is yoga. Now to choose the Types of Yoga that will fit you. There are first of all several different styles of yoga, so looking at these can help you choose the right program for you. Here are just a few:

Ashtanga Vinyasa – helps build flexibility, strength, and mental focus using a sequence of movements. It will provide you with a physical challenge plus something which will calm your mind.

Jivamukti – This combines Ashtanga’s physical style with spiritual teachings and mediation. It is an intellectually and physically stimulating practice, leading you into spiritual awareness.

Bikram – This yoga is practiced in rooms which are heated to 105 degrees, helping you to keep flexible and sweat out toxins. The postures here are made to give all the components of your body what they need for maximum functioning and health.

Viniyoga – A customized practice, the breath and poses are synchronized according to your own interests and needs. It incorporates postures, breathing, readings, sound and meditation. What is Yoga?

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